Toler Bio

Seffner resident Randy Toler, 59, has been employed for almost eleven years at CA Technologies, the world’s largest Independent Mainframe Software Company. As Associate Partner Account Manager, with particular focus in Mainframe Partners, he also sells Education Training through Partners. Other focuses of his work include Ecosoftware Green IT DevAps and the Cloud.

Toler earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from the University of Missouri Business School, Columbia in 1978.

The jogger/snow-skier and his wife Alicia have three children: Kellie, 15, an accomplished artist at Burnett Middle School; aspiring artist Kyle, 9, attends Colson Elementary; and eight-year-old Rainer, who is autistic and athletic, a great runner, attends Florida Autism Center for Excellence (FACE), a Tampa charter school. His wife Alicia is also running for the Hillsborough County School Board for District 3. Randy is running for District 7, one of the county-wide seats. 

Why are you running for school board?

My desire is to be a voice for the 26,000 special needs students in the district and to bring my IT experience to the Board in order to further career path training and expand technical centers. I would also like to bring my experience in the environmental arena to help build our green approach to make district become more energy-efficient and less burdensome to the Florida overtaxed (millage property tax rate) middle class and the security area as well in light of recent events. I believe increased security at elementary schools must be tenacious but affordable. The district should work harder to leverage Federal Grants available for security.

I want to work with parents, teachers & administrators to scale and calibrate the introduction of the Common Core standards and set realistic expectations, especially with special needs children. I take seriously the careful evaluation of the Superintendent, formulation of county school district policies and careful review of the budget. I support the strengthening of PTAs, after school programs (especially in low-income areas), and additional pay for teachers (in areas of high poverty rates).

Three reasons why I feel particularly qualified include:

Having the most IT experience of any of current board members or candidates will allow me to deal with our ever-changing fast-paced world economy to accomplish education solutions.
With our autistic son, every day with teachers and administrators, my wife and I experience the up close challenges of special needs parents. Increased training is needed for Special Needs Teachers.
My resume includes decades of proven political experience in building broad coalitions from diverse backgrounds and geographical areas, including extensive national mass media campaigns. This is important given the difficulty the current Board has had reaching common ground.
I’m passionate about…
…bringing new leadership, broad experience and fresh new ideas to the Board, and hope to help plow through the bureaucratic roadblocks holding hostage the efficient, effective education of our kids.  I want to be part of the new leadership that ends this rudderless drift. It’s time for a change, Vote Toler 2016.


  1. I am so happy to see a parent of a child with a disability , especially one with Autism! You will really impact the entire district! As a parent with a child with a disability and a retired ESE teacher, we all need more training for all students with disabilities! There are a lot of new teachers now, due to teachers retiring. New teachers, regular Ed and ESE teachers can all use more help with ways to teach ESE students, which also helps those students who don't qualify, but need extra help. The testing of students with disabilities needs to change and you know that first hand. Then your IT knowledge will help the school board as well!! You totally have my vote!!